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Heath Based Cleaning is what makes BCS different from our competitors. 80% of our clients are medical companies. We service a long list of medical facilities and found that our client base have grown through credible referrals. When it comes to medical cleaning the service provider must know basic safety requirements and all staff is required to wear proper personal protective equipment to handle healthcare cleaning. It’s crucial to understand the importance of following OSHA and FDA protocols for cleaning. It is also required that our healthcare cleaning staff have the proper training and their annual blood-borne pathogen certification.


Outside of the medical cleaning we also provide services like Terminal Cleaning, and Covid Cleaning. These are methods used to prevent, control, and break the chain of infection in a healthcare environment. This is mainly recommended in operating rooms, PACU and Recovery areas. Your medical facility should be a place where your patients can come to heal and recover. The last thing we want is a patient to come in contact with any type of infection.


All hospitals and most medical facilities conduct assessments to measure their patient satisfaction and effectiveness. Medical cleaning requires extensive knowledge and training so that everyone is aware of the difference between simple cleaning and disinfecting. This is where our Core4 health based cleaning system comes into play. Our hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants are just as important as our color coded microfiber cloths that prevent cross contamination. This system is designed to go hand and hand and one of the reasons we’re commonly referred and recommended.


An healthy environment is essential for all healthcare settings, it protects your patients and staff from any bacteria or cross-contamination. Not only does it keep your patients safe, but it also helps maintain a professional appearance. Our main goal is to keep any and all facilities stay clean and safe.

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