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Bennett’s Cleaning Solutions & Floor Maintenance uses the latest technologies to restore your carpets. Our process starts with a thorough vacuum, pre-spray,  brushpro/CBR (contra-rotating brush) method, hot water extraction, and deodorizer. The brush-pro/CRB  is key, it’s a machine that helps get the best overall high-quality carpet cleaning and it’s extremely important to implement in our carpet care cleaning program. 


We use a range of powerful truck-mounts as our carpet cleaning equipment. We utilizes the hot water extraction as a step in our cleaning method. Truck-mount cleaning is our top preferred method to clean carpet due to its effectiveness and gentleness on the carpet. We also carry portable carpet cleaners for areas that go beyond our hose and solution line reach. We service and recommend a six to twelve month cleaning schedules when it comes to carpet. This is what keeps your facility appearance in good standards at all times. 

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