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Absolutely! We’re not only licensed and Insured but we’re also bonded. We have over $20,000,000 in Commercial General Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance, and Umbrella Liability Insurance. We also have other Insurance coverages that falls under the policy and terms of the other party/customer. This normally happens when being placed on either a vendors list or servicing major construction projects.

We are a quality based company and very professional. Most of your traditional cleaning companies are mom and pop cleaning companies with limited experiences, outdated cleaning methods and technologies, and don’t offer additional services. Unfortunately a lot of these company practices hide up under big franchises. We have over 20 years of experience with not only cleaning but customer service. We offer additional services as well, everything from Carpet Care to Landscaping. We understand the importance of appearance and representation so all staff are required to be in full uniform, top and bottom. We service a plethora of medical facilities so our cleaning technicians are required special training and certifications. For an example Bloodborne Pathogens training. We use hospital grade clearers and disinfectants unlike most of our competitors. Either way we been on both sides and understand what it takes to be different.

We can start immediately but in most cases depending on the customer and circumstance we like to set a realistic time and date once an agreement is finalized. This gives all parties the time to transition smoothly. It’s understandable that the customer, previous service provider and new service provider have enough time to make adjustments.

We don’t just have a set price, we use a formula that’s based on a few factors to come up with a fair rate. We utilize a nationwide formula that includes the cleaning industry hourly rates, production times, square footage, and frequency.

This is a very important practice that most companies don’t know or use during the quoting process. In most cases with out this method or similar practices you will get either a very low, or very high quote.

As an example, the accuracy of our formula used prevents us from charging the same rate to clean a car dealership as a dental office. Both facilities can have the same amount of square footage and frequency but will have a completely different quote amount. Our company quotes are very fair, explanatory, and works for both parties. If not then we totally understand and hope the best for any and all potential customers.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning
Floor Maintenance
Pressure Washing
Building Maintenance
Window Cleaning
Parking Lot Maintenance

Please visit our services pages for all the details on every service we can provide. If you have a question about something that is not listed, please feel free to contact us and ask!
We service a plethora of medical facilities and offices. Some of the more larger and well recognized organizations would be Bayview Physicians Group, Bon Secours, CHKD, MRI & CT Diagnostics, NowCare Medical Center and more.
Absolutely Not! We believe, trust, and rely on the latest technology when it comes to hour cleaning products. We used Diversey hospital grade cleaners and disinfects. Diversey offers many products with excellent safety and environmental profiles that are not third party certified. We refuse to use products like Fabuloso, Ajax, Comet, or anything commonly found at your local dollar store. Our innovative method of cleaning could not be effective without Diversey products or the Coverall 4Core system. This system not only cleans and disinfects but also prevents cross contamination, cleans 99.8% of airborne pathogens and removes 85% more soil than you traditional string mop system.
Of Course We Do! We have a full understanding on the importance of quality control. We develop a scheduled service plan that breaks down in detail what we clean in each area along with the frequency of cleaning. Our cleaning techs check behind themselves after every cleaning. We then have 2 inspections a month. 1 scheduled walkthrough inspection and 1 random pop-up inspection. This assures that all cleaning needs are being met and keeps the consistency of service in good standards. We’re very familiar with companies starting of new services strong but cleaning quality starts to decline after the first few months of starting service. So we take pride in maintaining good quality services and quickly responding to any cleaning complaints that come to surface.
We Offer Something Better! We offer a 20% finding fee for anyone who refers us to a customer that agrees to service. So if you refer us to a company that renders our service, you will receive a one time payment of 20% of the monthly service fee quote to the customer.
No! We are a Commercial Cleaning Community that only service commercial facilities.
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